About Us

A Professional Engineering Firm You Can Rely On


Our Professionals:

Engineering Design International is comprised of professionals with very diverse backgrounds and experiences that enable our staff to deliver exceptional services to the benefit of our clients.

Our mission that "We Build Trust From The Ground Up” creates a tight working relationship of teamwork between EDII and our Clients.  This allows seamless project management from conception to completion between EDII and our Clients.

When you choose EDII, you choose a design partner that works with you—not just for you.

Design & Analysis Services:

Our core service is engineering within civil and structural design, analysis, and investigation.  We also team up with other professionals and professional firms to bring to our clients a "one-stop shop" of services and/or to allow our clients to combine our services with other firms and/or individuals that they prefer to engage.

Forensic Services:

Our investigative services extend from our vast knowledge of design, analysis, construction administration, inspections, quality control services, and destructive testing, all of which allows us to perform thorough investigations of claims so that our clients are aware of all issues affecting them. This allows us to advise our clients in a way that best benefits them to properly mitigate claims.

We perform observations and analysis to determine the physical condition of the structure and prepare recommendations for remedial actions to ensure compliance with codes and related safety issues.

We also offer expert testimony and documentation for support of litigation.

Project Types:

Office / Warehouse Industrial Facilities, Manufacturing Facilities, Schools,

Medical Facilities, Solar Installations, Curtain Wall Systems,

Equipment & Material Handling Systems

Residential, Agricultural Buildings

Cities, Counties, State & Federal Agencies, Tribal, Military Facilities

We offer reasonable rates, quick turnaround times, decades of engineering expertise, and broad-based industry experience.

Unlike our competitors, we involve our clients in the design process.  We customize our work to fit your specific situation.  We suggest cost-saving alternatives on a regular basis.

We believe that we have a service that others do not; “We Listen” and we strive to deliver a product and/or services that meet or exceed your requirements.

Projects - Clients

Our staff offers complete analysis, design, documentation, construction administration, and observation for our Clients.
Our staff has provided services for a diverse client base. The following is a partial listing of those Clients.

Partial Project List

Our staff has provided engineering and construction administration services for:

Office Buildings
Retail Facilities
School Facilities
Park Buildings
Retail Facilities
Medical Facilities
Golf Clubhouses
Health Club
Associated Bldgs
Support Facilities

Partial listings of our Commercial projects are as follows:           

Lake Geneva National Golf Club Facilities

Aarcee Rental
River Oaks Golf Club Facilities

Knighton Clinic
Bakers Square Restaurants

Dos Coyotes

Jack's Urban Eats
Eco Lab Renovations
Falcon Heights Parks Building

Ihle Storage Facilities
Madeline Island Museum

Johnson Brothers Liquor Warehouse
Treaty Site History Center

Champion Auto Stores
Brian Dillion Office Building

KFC Restaurants
Osborn Building Remodeling

Vanelli's Restaurant
Hemar Building Renovations

Cullahan's Travel
Dakota Building Renovations

YMCA East Branch
So. Lake Office Building Renovations
YMCA Midway
Unity South Church

YMCA Camp Du Nord, Ely
Emmanuel Lutheran Church
YMCA Camp Widjiwagan, Ely
Harding High School
Brookdale GMC
Humbolt High School

Rudy Luther's Toyota Renovations
Como High School
Peninsula Point Park Buildings
Stillwater High Schools

Oak Tree Optical
Oakland Junior High School

Faribault Senior Citizens Center
Osmonic’s Corporation:
Nuclear Filtration Systems – Frame and Foundation Systems – Isolation Foundation Systems
FMC Corporation:
Foundations & Heavy Equipment Frame Systems – Isolation Foundation Systems for Manufacture of Heavy Military Armaments
PMS Corporation:
Foundations & Heavy Equipment Systems for Manufacturing
Food Processing:
Equipment - Food Processing Equipment Systems – Foundation Systems
Elementary School
Blaine Senior Center
Arbor Ridge Apartments

North Memorial Hospital

Saint John's Hospital
St. Mary’s of the Lake School Renovation

Perfect 10 Quick Lube
B-Line Building

West PAC Addition
1st National Bank Renovations

Printed Media Services East Facilities
Printed Media Services West Facilities

Minnesota Outdoor Retail Building

Monticello Antique Mall

Room For Growing Day Care
Washington Co. Historic Courthouse

Konrad's Bistro
Washington County Public Works Building

Minneapolis Federal Courthouse Building
Washington Co. License Bureau Building

Louisiana & Cedar Lake Road Dry Cleaners
Holiday Plus Stores Renovations

Amoco Service Stations
True Value Hardware

Midwest Northern Nut Company
Springs Inn

Burger King Restaurants

Minneapolis Grain Exchange Building Renovations
Carpet King
Washington County Hazardous Storage Facilities

Forest Lake Baseball Stadium Facilities
Shoreview Maintenance Building

Washburn McReavy Funeral Chapel
Princeton State Bank Renovations

K & J Catering
Nelson Country Markets
Lake View Memorial Hospital Addition

Our staff has provided engineering and construction administration services for:
Heavy Manufacturing Facilities

Containment Structures
Light Manufacturing Facilities

Hazard Chemicals Facilities

Support Systems

Explosive Storage
Bridge Crane Systems

Equipment Support
Jib Crane Systems

Heavy Foundation Design

Partial listings of our Industrial projects are as follows:

Modine Manufacturing Facilities
FMC Corporation Facilities
Anderson Windows Facilities
Winnik Steel Fabrication Facilities
Wind Tunnel Facilities, Chrysler Corporation
Chevron, Nigeria
3M Facilities, Worldwide
P.M.S. Facilities
L.A. Transit System, California
Superior Plating Facilities
Woodmaster Foundations Facilities
Aero Systems Engineering Facilities
PAM-0il Facilities
Clover Leaf Creameries Facilities
Visalia Dairies

Douglas Metal Specialties Fabrication Facilities
Gross Gibbons Facilities
Coca-Cola Bottling Facilities
IMR Products Facilities

Our staff has provided engineering and construction administration services for:
Multistory Buildings

Store Fronts
Manufacturing Facilities

Clean Room Facilities


Partial listings of our Curtain Wall projects are as follows:

First Bank Place Tower
West Publishing
Target Stores
Fox Valley Greyhound Park
Primetech IX
Cray Research Facilities
Washington County Government Center
Timberwolves Arena, Minneapolis
Empak Corporation
Harmswood Building
MTS Systems Corporation
Shriners Hospital
Rosedale Shopping Center
Olin Hall
Minneapolis Convention Center Hotel
Child Care Center
Anoka County Government Building
Mayo Clinic Charter House
St. Thomas College, Minneapolis
Little Six Bingo, Prior Lake Minnesota
Hamline University
Medtronic’s Research Facilities
McLean Midwest
Carlton College
Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) Skyway System
City of Duluth Parking Structure

Our staff has provided forensics investigations, analysis, documentation services:

Partial listings of our Commercial / Industrial Forensic projects are as follows:

Carriage Green Apartment Complex

PG & E Hunters Point - Building Collapse

South Placer County Adult Corrections Facility

Chuckchansi Gold Resort & Casino

Jackson Rancheria

St. Paul Business Center
YMCA Multiple – Facilities
201 East Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis
Days Inn Hotel

Harvest Hill Lutheran Church
Vincent Metals

Open Door House Of Prayer
Gala Foods

1121 7th Street, Minneapolis
Faith Lutheran Church

1926 Grand Avenue, Minneapolis-
200 to 204 Washington Avenue

Partial listings of our Residential Forensic projects are as follows:

Esbolt Residence

8191 Hidden Court Residence
Fogarty Residence

Ferderer Residence
4016 Stonebridge Residence

Gallion Residence
Court Yard Homes

Hidden Valley Townhomes
Rockmore Residence

19213 Yale Residence
Walker Residence

528 Dayton Residence
Wensman Residence

2383 North Ridge Ave. N. Residence
Gilgan Residence
723 Quinelle Avenue North Residence
Rossmeisl Residence

3215 Irving Avenue South Residence
Dirks Residence
Groen Residence
Schmidt Residence
862 Germain Street Residence
182 Seymore Avenue Residence

864 Germain Street Residence
72nd Street Stillwater Residence

946 Sheffer Avenue Residence
2080 Royal Court Residence
7560 Bowman Residence
Darmer Residence
Schmitt Residence
Paz Residence

Zivalich Residence
6248 Sandpiper Court Residence

Lindblade Residence
DuBois Residence
10209 Hilltop Court Residence
5120 Hughes Avenue North Residence

2113 22nd Street East Residence
Templin Residence

23 Imperial Drive Residence
3020 Irving Avenue South Residence

Houfburg Residence
4629 Stoddard Circle Residence

257 South McCarren’s Blvd. Residence
1360 lthilien Residence

49 Oliver Avenue South Residence
Wallin Residence

1238 East Como Boulevard Residence
3221 Irving Avenue South Residence

165 East Wheelock Parkway Residence
Weller Residence

401 West South Street Residence
12465 Heather Drive Residence

1634 Diane Road Residence
149 Buch Avenue Residence

8676 Westwind Road Residence
996 BIair Avenue Residence

172 Forbes Residence
5985 Chaska Road Residence

5050 Beard Avenue South Residence
Galewski Residence

11520 Hemlock Lane Residence
3213 Meadow Brook Court Residence

3125 Casco Circle Residence
17501 Barrington Court Residence

12070 Gantry Residence
602 Upton Avenue South Residence

17400 34th Avenue North Residence
6600 Peller Avenue South Residence

1395 Colleen Avenue Residence
Wilson Street Residence

Levitt Residence
R. Zingsheim Residence
6620 Bryant Avenue North Residence
935 Roselawn Avenue

1547 Clear Avenue Residence
D. Hirsch Residence

6675 131st Street West Residence
5129 l8th Avenue South Residence
3280 Eagle Bluff Road Residence
1909 Penn Avenue South Residence

943 Summit Avenue Residence
21881 Healy Avenue Residence

18701 Ridgewood Road Residence
1560 East River Terrace Residence

10249 Bayless Circle Residence
289 5th Street Residence
6209 Kalen Drive Residence
5045 Morgan Avenue South Residence

984 West Logan Avenue Residence
5144 Sheridan Ave. South Residence

5950 Covington Terrace Residence
342 Ramsey Street Residence
1655 93rd Street Residence
Richard Wallace Residence
26140 Glen Oak Residence
2150 Majestic Way Residence
26323 Dupont Ave. North Residence

20221 Xeon Avenue Residence
5416 10th Avenue Residence
3029 Standrige Residence
5922 Hackman Residence
14381 Embassy Way Residence
324 Morton Street West Residence
1827 Greenhaven Drive Residence

5545 Golden Valley Road Residence
8298 Knollwood Drive Residence

5408 25th Avenue South Residence
11560 Wild Heron Point Residence

3123 North Thomas Ave. Residence
5730 Rosewood Lane North Residence

2303 Northridge Ave. Cir. N. Res.
7525 lsanti Avenue Residence
294 Cherry Hill Trail Residence

23920 lnwood Avenue Residence
96 Many Levels Road Residence

16081 22nd Street Residence
Jenneke Residence
1705 Keller Lake Drive Residence

2214 Holly Avenue North Residence
14405 100th Street North Residence

7088 Snow Owl Residence
2140 Otter Lake Drive Residence

506-3 Lovell Avenue Residence
506-6 Lovell Avenue Residence

13524 Gladiola Street NW. Residence
7789 Pioneer Creek Road Residence

11138 Ivy Hill Drive Residence
9303 Country Lane Residence

4960 Safari Pass Residence
1091 Chanhassen Residence
6751 Oxford Street Residence

405 River Street Residence
6024 Leslee Lane Residence
5083 Alameda Street Residence
2740 Meadow Lane Residence
717 Westwood Drive South Residence

121 20th Avenue SW. Residence
5381 St. Croix Trail Residence
11405 Riverhills Drive Residence

Our staff has provided engineering and construction administration services for:

Open Space Structure Designs

Foundation Engineering

Window Wall Designs

Poured in Place Concrete

Engineered Wood or Steel Truss Designs

Concrete Masonry Block Foundations and Proprietary Foam Block Designs

Specialized Floor Systems Design

Wood Foundation Systems

Retaining Wall Designs for Concrete, Concrete Masonry Block, and Wood.
Bridges and/or Elevated Supported Walkways

Partial listings of our Residential design projects are as follows:

Streeter Residence

R.A. Kot Homes
Hans Haugen Homes
Royal Homes
Richard Residence

Terry Troin Residence
Richard Smith Residential

Buck Residence

Krom-Kvonde Residence
Gillet-Cox Residence
Harvey Homes
Kotar Residence

McReavy Residence
Lee Residence
Monica & Don Leick Residence

Thomas Eichoff Residence
Leske Residence
Ward And Pondie Johnson Residence

Westlund Residence
Tkachuck Residence

Dunn Residence
Hromatka Residence
Joseph Haaf Residence
Slowmkoski Residence
Olin Residence
Nelson Residence
West River Road Residence
Esbolt Residence

DeMong Residence
598 Maple Park Drive Residence
Bryn Residence

Great Oaks IV Model Homes

Powers Lake Model Homes
Nagel Residence
Bakke Residence
2681 Windsor Lane Residence

Julik-Moran Residence
Robertson-Smith Residence

Massey-Maher Residence
1747 North Dale Residence
Dellwood Homes

Tasker-Massey Residence
1643 Bohland Residence
Ashback Residence
Dronen Residence Octagon
Matysik Residence
Valine Residence

Lindholm Residence
Cole Residence
Elson Residence

Johnson Residence
Cameron Residence
Finlayson Residence
9901 Deerbrook Drive Residence
Fischer Residence

Hansen Residence
Patrick Residence

Habib Residence
Mersky Residence

Mueller Residence
Siemens Residence

Krier Residence
Barrows Residence

Johnson Residence
Carlson Residence

Martinson Addition
Mower- Residence

335 Queincy Street Residence
Fogarty Residence

Thorton Residence
Hart Residence
Artson Residence

PoIley Residence
Childers Residence
Irvine Residences

Moore Residence
Henry Schnitzer Residence
710-712 Summit Avenue Residence
Conner’s Residence
1208 Mount Curve Residence

Stafford Residence
Greenbriar/McGinty Residence

Wendt Residence
1168 Portland Avenue, St. Paul

Galewski Residence
4016 Stonebridge Residence

3230 Qwasso Boulevard West
1018 Overlook Residence
Lindsteadt Residence
Gregg Residence
3213 Meadow Brook Court Residence
Calvin Residence

17501 Barrington Court Residence
Kirsting Residence

4571 Lake Avenue Residence
Yellin Residence

6330 Larnar Residence
Knighton Residence

Pellin Residence
Rockmore Residence

49 Peninsula Point Residence
Fjelstad Residence
Walker Residence
Wensman Residence

Grossfield Residence
Gilgan Residence

Ackerberg Residence
Pew Residence

Eiden Residence
Harrison Residence

Bergerson Residence
2520 Manitou Island Residence

1220 Mount Curve Residence
Rossmeisl Residence

Nelson Residence
Ambler Residence

Nerenz Residence
Dirks Residence

Rolfing Residence
Rannestad Residence

Lieder Residence
Zilmer Residence

Slade Residence
Schmidt Residence

Zelles Residence
1786 James Avenue South Residence

1314 Mississippi Boulevard Residence
1120 Mount Curve Residence

Caswell Residence
1574 Rustic Hills Drive Residence

Wiley Residence
Minnetrista Residence

1770 James Ave South Residence
2080-Royal Court Residence

Gallion Residence
Howard Residence

Kelsey Residence
Skibbe Residence

Mogren Residence
Darmer Residence

Cutler Residence
Wilson Residence

Schmitt Residence
J. J. Johnson Residence

Hanson Residence
Paz Residence

Wozniak Residence -
Purnell Residence

Elliot Belzer Residence
Pridgeon Residence

Polsky Cottage
Anderson Residence

Schroeder Residence
Wilke Residence
Skaja Residence
DuBois Residence

Towner Residence
4210 Fremont Avenue Residence

Moss Residence
Koch Residence
Bogart Residence
Klecker Residence

Lerdahl Residence
4310 Dupont Avenue Residence

Torville Residence
9634 Wedgewood Drive Residence

Hagland Residence
Countryman Residence

Caruthers Residence
Mencel Residence

Lerner Residence
170 lnterlachen Road Residence

Woodland - 5 Model Homes
Chase Residence

Erickson Residence
Wallin Residence

Werner Residence
809 Westview Circle Residence

Asenbrenner Residence
Weller Residence

Plum Residence
12465 Heather Drive Residence

Kim Residence
83 Douglas Residence

Diamond Residence
149 Buch Avenue Residence

3530 Ridge Road Residence
4029 Silver Lake Terrace Residence

58 Groveland Terrace Residence
Doyle Residence

6605 Blackfoot Pass Residence
Detlefsen Residence

Our staff has provided engineering and construction administration services for:

Bridge Crane Support Systems

Design & Analysis for the Development of Equipment Support Systems

Jib Crane Systems

Monorail Systems                                                          
Equipment Frames

X-Ray Equipment Support Systems

Connection Design

Surgical Arm Support Systems
Structural Support Systems

High-Security Fence Support Systems

Window Washer Davits & Supports

Staging & Scaffolding Systems              

Partial listings of our Bridge Crane and Jib Crane System design projects are as follows:

Ford Motor Plant Facilities

IBM Facilities

FMC Corporation
Thermo Tech Facilities

3M Facilities
Grayco Corporate Facilities

AT & T Facilities
Soo Line Railroad Facilities

Electric Machinery Facilities

Ideal Door Manufacturing Facilities

Partial listings of our Medical Equipment Support System design projects are as follows:

Waconia Ridgeview Hospital
St. Joseph’s Hospital

Bellin Hospital
Door County Hospital

Bay Area Medical Center
St. Luke’s Hospital

St. Nicholas Hospital
University of Minnesota Medical

Mercy Hospital  School
West Health Campus

Cambridge Medical Center
Apple River Hospital

Wayzata Medical Center
Dickinson Memorial Hospital    

Partial listings of our Maximum Security Fence Support Systems design projects are as follows:

  • California Correctional Facilities 
  • Minnesota Correctional Facilities
  • L.A. Transit Facilities

Partial listings of our Equipment Frames and Foundation System design projects are as follows:

Osmonic’s Corporation:               

Nuclear Filtration Systems – Frame and Foundation Systems – Isolation Foundation Systems

FMC Corporation:           

Foundations & Heavy Equipment Frame Systems – Isolation Foundation Systems for Manufacture of  Heavy Military Armaments

PMS Corporation:                           

Foundations & Heavy Equipment Systems for Manufacturing

Food Processing:

Equipment - Food Processing Equipment Systems – Foundation Systems

Our staff has been involved in the development of prefabricated designs for the commercial, residential, industrial, and manufacturing sectors for the following:  

  • Building Systems
  • Equipment Systems
  • Dasher Boards
  • Composite Materials
  • Prefabricated Residential Structures
  • Prefabricated Composite Wall Panel Systems
  • Geodesic Dome Structures.

Our staff has been involved in the development of structural support system design for the commercial, residential, industrial, and manufacturing sectors.

  • Mechanical Equipment
  • Equipment Systems
  • Supports Systems
  • Dasher Boards
  • Building Systems
  • Construction Industry

Partial listings of our Product / Equipment system design projects are as follows:

  • Window Washing Davit Systems
  • St Louis Missouri Generator Housing
  • Lake Home Products
  • Dasher Boards
  • Fixture Development
  • Automated Lift Bench Systems
  • Generator Housing Silencer Systems
  • St. Paul TVI Sculpture Infrastructure System
  • Geese Mobile, Burnsville Center
  • Target Stores Distribution Centers Silencing System Supports
  • Morgantown Energy Silencing System

Our staff has provided services for the design, analysis, development, documentation, and inspection of amusement ride structures.

Partial listings of our Amusement Ride or Mobile Structures system design projects are as follows:

  • Conservatory Animated Christmas Display
  • Dragon Ride
  • Maze Ride
  • Cable Horse Ride
  • Geese Mobile
  • Ship Ride – Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria

Partial Client List

AHT Architects
BWBR Architects
Chris Doehrmann Architect, Inc.
CNI Design
Collin Hansen Architects
Concept Designs
Creative Consultants
Cunningham Group Architecture
Daniel K. Duffy Architects, Inc.
Elliot Architects LLC
Frederick Sicora Architect
Gensler Architects
Heise Reinen MacRae & Associates
Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum, Inc.
James Nelson McKellin Architects
JDA Design Architects
Krech, O’Brien, Mueller & Wass Associates, Inc.
M. Stenerson Architects
Matthew T. Dean Architect
McGuire Engler Davis Architects, P.A.
McMonigal Architects, LLC
NBBJ Architecture
Partners 4 Design, Inc.
Patch Erickson Madson Watten, Inc.
Patricia Finlayson Design
PM Design Architects
Pope Associate Architects, Inc.
Progressive Architecture, Inc.
PSA Architects
Rafferty Rafferty Tollefson Architects, Inc.
Randall M. Buffie Architects, Inc.
Reuter & Associates, Inc.
Rice Stromgren Architects, Inc.
RNL Design - Architecture
Rolf Lokensgard Architecture, Inc.
Thomas Eickhoff Design
Tod Drescher Architects
William T. Farnan Architects
Wolcott Planning & Design

3M Corporation
Aarcee Rental
Aero Material Handling
Aero Systems Engineering
Anderson Windows
Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)
CarrAmerica Realty Corporation
Chrysler Corporation
Clover Leaf Creameries
Coca-Cola Bottling
DAKA Metal Fabricators
Douglas Metal Specialties
Enviro-Acoustics Company, Inc.
FMC Corporation
Granite Bay Energy
Gross Gibbons
Hawaiian Energy
Hileman Company, LLC
Hoag Memorial Hospital
Honeywell Corporation
Hughes Corporation
Ideal Door Company
IMR Products Facilities
John Ryan Company
KAMSTRA Communications, Inc.
Long Prairie Packing Company
Lowertown Business Center
Madsen, Kneppers & Associates, Inc.
Marko Fabrication
Martin Douglas Woody Architects, Inc.
Medtronic, Inc.
Metropolitan Steel Fabricators, Inc.
Me-Wuk Indian Tribe of Jackson Rancheria
Mid-America Festivals
Midwest Hanger Supply
Minnesota Development, Inc.
Modine Manufacturing
Myers & Associates
Mystic Lake Casino
North American Carrousel
Pacific Bell Telephone Company
Paulucci Conner Partnership
Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians
Riverton Steel Fabricators & Construction
Santa Monica Community College District
Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community
Structural Wood Corporation
Strut Specialties, Inc.
Superior Plating
Umatilla Indian Reservation
Valley Presbyterian Hospital
Wild Horse Resort & Casino
Winnik Supply & Fabrication, Inc.

AIG Technical Service Division
Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty
Allied Nationwide Property & Casualty Company
Allstate Property, Fire, and Casualty Insurance
American Safety Insurance Services, Inc.
Chartis Property Casualty Company
CHUBB Group of Insurance Companies
CNA Insurance Companies
Farmers Insurance Company, Inc.
Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company
FM Global
Golden Eagle Insurance Company
Guardian Insurance Company
Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. (The)
Hartford (The)
Insco Dico Group
Liberty Bond Services (Liberty Mutual)
Marsh USA Inc.
Safeco Insurance Company
St. Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Company
St. Paul Surety (St. Paul Companies)
Travelers Insurance Company
XL Insurance America, Inc.
Zurich of North America

A. Dolence & Associates
Crawford Catastrophe Services
Crawford Global Technical Services
Crawford U.S. Property & Casualty
Crawley Adjusting Services
Cunningham Lindsey
Engle Martin & Associates
Frontier Adjusters
GAB Robins North America
IAS Claim Service
JBA Insurance Adjusters
Koning & Associates
McLarens Young International
Summit Independent Claim Services VRS Vericlaim, Inc.
YORK Risk Services Group

Agovina & Asselta, LLP
Archer Norris
Bishop Capitano & Abner
Branson Brinkop Griffith & Strong, LLP
Clapp, Moroney, Bellagamba & Vucinich
Cozen O'Connor
Farrella Braun + Martel, LLP
Faux & Associates, PA
Hines & Thomas
Kaplin Stewart Meloff Reiter & Stein
Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith, LLP
Lukins & Annis
McNamara, Ney, Beatty, Slattery, Borges & Ambacher, LLP
Niles, Barton & Wilmer, LLP
Pegan & Wagner Law Offices
Porter, Orrison & Doster
Public Agency Law Group
Ryan & Lifter
Sedgwick Detert Moran & Arnold, LLP
Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP
Willoughby, Stuart & Bening
Wolfe & Wyman, LLP
Wolkin & Timpane, LLP

Antco Construction
Austin / Jones Corporation Construction
Boyer Building Corporation
Brin Northwestern Glass Company
Built By Design
C.W. Driver Contractors
Cal-City Construction, Inc.
Carlson LaVine, Inc.
Crowley Company, Inc.
D.J. Kranz Company, Inc.
D.N.R. Construction Company
Deacon Corporation
Dillingham Construction
EDM Construction, Inc.
FCI – Faulkner Construction, Inc.
Final Touch – Curtain Wall Division
Gateway Glass Company
Gladstone Construction Company
Glass Masters, Inc.
Harmon Contract W.S.A
Haymaker Construction, Inc.
Home Builder International, Inc.
Homer J. Olsen, Inc.
Hunerberg Construction Company
J.A. Jones Construction
J.M. Bruggeman Companies, Inc.
Knutson Construction Company
Kraus-Anderson Construction Company
Leiner Health Products
MAAS Construction, Inc.
Merle’s Construction Company, Inc.
Nielson Dillingham Builders
Pacific Pool & Patio
Pinnacle Emergency Services
R & R Construction
Restoration Management Company
Rochon Corporation
Roncor Construction, Inc.
Rottland Homes, Inc.
ServePro Restoration
Shimmick Construction
Smith Companies Construction, Inc.
South Minneapolis Construction Company, Inc.
SSC Construction
Swinerton Builders
W.A. Rasic Construction
Welsh Construction
Witcher Construction Company, Inc.
Woodmaster Foundations, Inc.